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 In the right hands: Craigslist is a secret weapon (most marketers have no clue how to use correctly). It can deliver astonishing $$$ results for your online business... no matter how much experience you have... I’ll give you undeniable PROOF below.

 First of all...Let me ask you this...Are YOU...

  • Struggling to make money in your online business?

  • Having a hard time getting the leads, customers and sales you need?

  • Just starting out as newbie...confused...and have no clue how you’re going to make it?

No problem. Now you can use my Craigslist Smasher Program to turn Craigslist into a virtual cash machine that brings in a ton of paying clients, hot leads and cash sales almost overnight using completely white hat strategies.

Just say maybe to Craigslist Smasher Program and you’ll get instant access and YOU are 100% protected by my no quibble, 365 day money back guarantee.

Sounds too good to be true? Doesn’t it?

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From the Desk of:

What would it be worth to have multiple Craigslist ad’s bringing in more $$$, leads and customers than you can handle starting today?


Tens of thousands?

Hundreds of thousands?

How would it feel to know the same secrets only elite marketers are using to tap into the hidden power of Craigslist and use it to...

  • Pick up cash paying clients for your services like web design, video marketing, or offline SEO etc. even if you are just starting out or have no clients right now.

  • Make easy money selling your own products, or affiliate products and use the extra cash to generate even more money for your business

  • Build rabid lists of hungry buyers who will line your pockets for years to come...even if you have no list right now.

  • Generate Cash collecting and selling leads to offline clients like Realtors or Car Dealers. These guys will pay top dollar for quality leads.

  • Get $$ with Click bank affiliate sales or CPA offers for a massive income boost

  • Promote other affiliate offers for easy matter what your level of experience

  • Profit from Promoting your MLM opportunity

And so much more...

How would it feel to have more cash coming in than you know what to do with, and to have an unending supply of laser targeted customers, just dying to buy your product or service?

Turn Craigslist Into A Magnet For More Leads, Customers, Orders And Cash Instantly!

My friend, welcome to my world,

I got to tell you, knowing how to tap into the hidden power of Craigslist to skyrocket your income and lifestyle is amazing knowledge and a wonderful skill to possess.

And best of works great for an online business but also for any offline business that needs more hot leads and targeted customers.

I’m willing (and able) to pass on this knowledge and skill of how to use Craigslist to achieve massive profits in a fraction of time it took me to learn.

Most Folks Have No Clue What A Wickedly Effective Income Stream Craigslist Is...

Here’s Some Vital Income Boosting Facts About Craigslist:

  • Craigslist is the 9th most visited site in the USA.
  • Has 40 million ad’s posted monthly.
  • Gets 50 million visits per day to global Craigslist.
  • Gets 50 million visits per day to global Craigslist.
  • Has 20 billion pages views a month.
  • 50 million Americans use Craigslist every day.
  • 1 Million Jobs are Posted every Month.

No other site online has stats like these.

No matter business/niche you are in –you need traffic right?

Craigslist can provide that traffic for you.

And best of all...

The Traffic From Craigslist Is Laser Targeted...Here’s Why That Is Vital For Your Success...

The people who are surfing Craigslist are actively waiting to buy.

They have a card or cash in their hand and are ready to take action.

These kinds of leads are a lot different from the type of leads you get on Google or Facebook or other paid advertising- where people are just looking. 


"I Promise Once you Learn My Simple Craigslist Cash Generation Secrets, you will be immediately able to apply your new found abilities to make this well known site bring in more $$$, leads, sales and customers than you can handle"


Sounds like a dream?

Actually it isn’t. Here’s the proof.

This is just a small sample of people who had little to no experience of using Craigslist to ramp up their online profits. Yep, total newbie’s. Amazing comments... Wouldn’ t you agree?

What’s their secret? Well they all had one thing in common.

They Got Access To Craigslist Smasher. The Underground System For Making Craigslist Bring In A Stack Of $$$, Leads And Customers...Guaranteed!

Less than a week is all it takes to learn everything you need to know about Craigslist to double, triple or even quadruple the results you are currently getting.


Who Need’s Craigslist Smasher?

  • Anyone who wants to be flooded with new leads and customers.

  • Anyone who wants a 100%...200% or even 500% return, every time from Craigslist.

  • Anyone who wants little known super simple Craigslist tactics to make more money for their business.

  • Anyone who does not have a massive budget or skill level to get highly targeted paid traffic.

  • Anyone who does not want to spend thousands of dollars on this information .


Is Craigslist Smasher for YOU?


Well consider how much money you may have wasted in the last 2 months alone on methods to get leads and sales that have not worked

How much turmoil, struggle and stress have you endured trying to make money online?

If your case is like most others, you’ve certainly felt the sting of paying for methods of generating sales and leads that made no tangible difference to your bottom line profits.

You felt frustrated and confused...Even irate wondering why everyone else seems to be making it online and not you.

I’ve been down that road, and the toughest part is not losing money. The toughest part is seeing others make it while you keep failing.

 Why ANYBODY Can Use Craigslist Smasher To bring in a ton a leads, customers and sales (no matter what state your business is in currently, even if you’re a complete clueless newbie)

This a great question. The reason is quite simple really:

Because you get a simple to follow Craigslist formula you can use no matter what niche you are in to explode the results you are getting in your business. Quite literally I’ve compressed years of learning about Craigslist money making tactics into a ‘paint by number’ system. I will show you how simple it is to make money from Craigslist without wasting a moment of your time.

Because you get underground, powerful money making strategies for generating cash from Craigslist. Ask any professional who is making money from Craigslist and they will tell you these tactics are white hat and very lucrative –but known to very few marketers.

Because my clients have already tested the formula. So you know it works. Everything is proven to work.

Because I will take you by the hand and show you how to implement the entire ad strategy step by step. So you simply cannot fail.

Because I’ve got an outstanding track record in helping my clients skyrocket the results they are getting in their businesses with my Craigslist ad strategies.

Because all of the insider tricks I will share with you have been battled tested to work in the real world. None of this stuff is fluffy theory.

Here’s Is A Small Insider Sample Of What You Get Inside  Craigslist Smasher 

How to regularly make astounding profits with this ingenious yet simple way of harnessing the true power of Craigslist to get more leads, sales and customers

My 5 minute Craigslist ad strategy to that will shoot your sales right off the charts.

Find out precisely how to use Craigslist to outwit and out sell even your most successful competitor.

The single most damaging thing everyone believes about Craigslist that kills their chances of profiting from the site –stone dead.

Double your sales, clients and customers from Craigslist...with numerous underground techniques.

How to make certain prospects immediately respond to your ads on Craigslist.

The first things you must do before using Craigslist to attract customers and leads.

The most important part of using Craigslist to make money.

How to layout your Craigslist ad’s to increase readership.

The biggest mistakes people make when using Craigslist and how to avoid them.

How to make money from Craigslist when you have nothing to sell.

The simple little tip to never getting ‘ghosted’ or banned again.

A critical element you must know to start making money immediately from Craigslist...even if you’re experienced in posting ad’s.

The ‘quick cure’ to stop your ad getting flagged.

The inside track on which niches sell the best on Craigslist.

Key strategies for posting successfully in the USA...even if you live outside it.

Absolutely everything you need succeed with Craigslist is included from how to get ad’s up and running to...PVA’s...IP addresses...niches....offers...methods...and profitable techniques.

But Wait...there’s more: You will also discover:

  • The correct way to post Multiple ad’s on Craigslist
  • Secret techniques that allow you to post in other GEO areas
  • The best posting practices to maximise your responses
  • 6 incredible ways to make money on Craigslist
  • Exactly what niches you need to be in to see monster-size profits from Craigslist


Once You’ve Gone Through Craigslist Smasher-You Will Be Able To:

  • Get your ad’s up and running rapidly-generating leads and cash for your business
  • Generate unlimited amounts of verified numbers
  • Cheap alternatives for connecting IP addresses
  • Have a 90% success rate with your ad’s
  • Monetise your ideas almost instantly
  • Post ad’s for maximum profit
  • And so much more...


Ask Yourself...

Do you want powerful techniques for generating as many leads as possible? Hot qualified leads, not just lookers

Do you want hundreds of Craigslist list ad’s running daily...creating cash, leads and customers?

Do you want my insider tips and strategies for turning Craigslist into a virtual cash machine?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Craigslist Smasher:

How to Make Craigslist Bring in A ton of $$$, Leads and Customers Almost Overnight... Guaranteed!”

is for you.

 Let’s stop and think about this for a moment...

A whopping 85% of online marketers and offline businesses fail.

Can you believe that? 85%

The makeup and details of why these businesses fail is rather detailed I’m sure...BUT...I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, this figure could be slashed dramatically if...

Each of these businesses knew how to bring in more $$$, leads and customers


Don’t you agree? After all, it’s customers that make up a business, without them you are doomed to failure.

Or look at it differently.

Take 100 online marketers or offline business owners at the beginning of their careers...follow them for 5 years and only 1% will be truly wealthy and only another 5% will be financially secure.

Most however will be broke, perhaps having to live on handouts from relatives and friends. Only 5% ever become financially independent.

That’s pretty shocking wouldn’t you agree?

Think about this for moment: Imagine knowing that you could skyrocket your leads, customers and cash coming in from some simple easy to follow craigslist ad techniques?

How would you feel knowing you are one of the very limited few who can make huge profits from Craigslist...months...even years to come?

How would it feel having more cash coming into your business at a time when your stiffest competition is struggling?

How would it feel to know that no matter the economy is doing you could harness the power of craigslist to bring in a flood of new traffic and $$$ into your business. 

I know you’d feel great,

Let’s Talk About Your Investment Here

Let’s take a quick re- cap of what you are getting here today.

Once you have access to Craigslist Smasher  you will have all my inside tips and tricks to enable you to:

  • Make easy money selling your own products and services
  • Build rabid lists of hungry buyers
  • Create and sell leads for offline clients
  • Make $$ with Click bank
  • Cash in on CPA offers
  • Promote affiliate offers for cash
  • Promote your MLM opportunity
  • And so much more...

How much would that be worth?

You can have thousands of ad’s running at one time sucking in the high volume of free traffic that only Craigslist can give you.

It would be easy to make at least $100 a day with this system, meaning you would be taking in at least $3000 per month.

And that’s just for starters.

You don’t have to pay $3000 for this system though.

Or even half of that at $1500 or half of that again.


Here’s the Deal:

 If you act right now-as in can get instant access to Craigslist Smasher for just $27.

That’s right: $27.

Even one Clickbank sale would be more than enough to pay for that investment.

Hit the buy now button below right now- and let’s get started.

Why Just $27 For This Life Changing Info?

I figure $27 is a complete no-brainer if you want a powerful new way to boost your business and cash flow with Craigslist.

Plus, if you’re struggling to make it in your online/offline business, I’ve been where you are now and I have 100% confidence this system will work for you. I don’t want price to an issue.

This is not some fancy printed just a simple site that contains all the tips, tricks and tactics you need to skyrocket your sales, Opt-inn’s, client list and a lot more...using Craigslist.

I figured I’d leave Craigslist Smasher at just $27 for now and then withdraw it from the market as soon as I am at capacity for delivering customer service.

You Need to Act Right now- Here’s why

I provide full support to everyone who downloads Craigslist Smasher.

You can email me with any questions you have. Unfortunately that means I have to limit the numbers of people who can get access to this material, or raise the price to a more realistic level.

Get access now at $27 while you still can. 

Don’t Let This Amazing Opportunity Slip Away

Remember Craigslist is packed full of hungry targeted leads who are ready and willing to buy from you today.

You will not find a group of targeted buyers like this online.

You need to know the best way to connect with the maximum amount of these customers and get them to take action to buy your product or service.

Craigslist Smasher is the key to making this happen.

You Have 3 Choices Right Now...

Walk away and never visit this page again.

If you do...this page will more than likely be gone or be a lot more expensive when you see it again and you will have missed out on an amazing opportunity to cash in.

Go out there is try this posting ads on Craigslist by yourself.

Without the inside track and countless secret techniques for getting maximum exposure on Craigslist...  The chances are you would give it go for while,  but end up getting your account banned and giving up.

The  Real No Brainer

Simply download Craigslist Smasher today and start seeing a massive change in your income levels and lifestyle from all the extra traffic, leads and customers that come through your door.

My Free Gift to You If You Leave Today

If you decide to leave this page today –I have a free gift for you and that free gift is honestly.

 Let me ask you this...

  • You want to get more customers right?
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  • You want to sell more products on Clickbank right?
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Than what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose here except if you click away now and miss out on this opportunity.

And I can tell you honestly-that if your financial situation is bad right will probably only get worse unless you take action to change things.

You now have an opportunity to completely alter your lifestyle forever and secure your financial future.

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When You Make This Wise Decision You Will...

  • Wake up with new customers/sales/Opt-Inn’s/orders every day.
  • Never be limited by lack of cash ever again.
  • Radically change the cash flow in your business.
  • Start seeing sales come in-this week.
  • Stop wasting time on ad’s that get you nowhere.

Still here?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Craigslist Smasher

Q : But J. --  Are there hidden costs involved?

You can actually start without investing anything but as you see the traffic and sales roll in –you will want to scale up. If you are posting a whopping 40-50 ad’s a day-you can expect to invest $75-$100.  

Q : But J. -- Does this work anywhere in the world?

You will be able to post your ad’s in virtually any country in the world.

Q : But J. -- Will this method not get saturated?

 With 50 million searches a month-No!

Q : But J. --  Will I get my Clickbank account banned?

None of our users have had their accounts banned so far.

Advertising affiliate products on Craigslist in a "spammy" way is not an approved method. However, if your ads are presented in a genuine manner - a helpful and truthful  manner, and these methods are followed, you will not have problems.

You will want to check with the particular affiliate product terms and conditions first.

All of our methods are white hat.  If your account does get banned, it is probably for a different reason –simply open another account.

To your Success,

P.S.  My entire program is guaranteed.

You have one FULL YEAR.   If it’s not EVERYTHING I claim it is (and much, much more), you can return the course… get ALL your money back…

I can’t be any fairer than that.  

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