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Michel C. Laviña

Michel C. Laviña

Michel C. Laviña,  General Manager

When you have the Blue Goat Publishing Team work for you on one of your projects, you will undoubtedly meet Michel at one point.

Michel is the one who keeps all projects on track, tracks progress and ensures ALL questions are answered in a timely manner.

She is our “Go-To Person” and we’re sure she will be yours as well.

“I Graduated Computer Engineering and specialized in working with computers for more than 4 yrs.

Boredom to my daily routine at work and willingness to improve myself in doing other things, a friend of mine encouraged me to look into an opportunity online, which I immediately seized and have never looked back!

With the help of Google, YouTube and my online friends too, I learned some exceptional skills that a General Virtual Assistant can do.

Working online for more than 5 yrs. now gives me the courage to say that I learned a lot from my experiences. These skills range from using different Project Management tools, installing and managing back-ends of WordPress platform based websites, eBay Item listing promotion, and Infusionsoft, just to name a few.”


Mohsin Alam

Mohsin Alam

Mohsin Alam,  Expert Web Developer

Mohsin does incredible magic with websites.   Seldom will you find talent on a parallel with Mohsin when it comes to building or reconstructing your website.

He truly is one of those guys that’s in “A Class of His Own” when it comes to web development and all things related.

” My name is Mohsin Alam. I’m a passionate freelancer working in various fields online since 2011 till now.

I am web developer since 2012 and still learning to be as perfect as I can be.

I don’t claim a “guru”, but my clients say “good enough”!

I can help you your all your website  needs such as:   Blog Site, Portfolio Site, Company Profile, Product Display, E-commerce/E-store, Resume Page, Landing Page Etc.”


Ivilina Gavazova

Ivilina Gavazova

Ivilina Gavazova,  Cinematographer

Your business needs Ivilina’s Expertise:  Explainer Videos.  (Be sure to check out some of her incredible work in the           Portfolio Page.

You will NOT find ANYONE that even comes close to producing these videos for your business that can match Ivilina’s Quality, Precision and Retention of the Viewers.

Get the word out about YOUR business!

“My name is Ivilina Gavazova and these words describe my work. I have been working on videos for five years, I have shot and edited hundreds of videos (including music videos, short films, celebrations, trailers, dance videos, mini-series). I have a creative way of thinking, imagination, enthusiasm, perseverance and skills.

 Imagination cannot be bought but I have it and I use it to create your movie. I am responsible for directing your product in an unusual way. Filming the moments that will remain forever. Professional post-production.

 Each film is unique by itself so filming must be done with style in order to keep its own uniqueness.

 I work non-standard, I work unusual. I know the standard and so I take the liberty of breaking the rules. My strength is my imagination and creativity. I’m an Artist.

I have professional equipment for video shooting (DSLR camera, slider, video monopod, lenses, steadicam ) and I work with some of the best programs for video editing (Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects).

 Full HD quality, combined with creative video filming creates a professional product. The post-production then improved to become FILM, unique by itself .

You get professionally directed, filmed and edited products. Carefully structured and non-standard work. Satisfaction Guaranteed, Always.


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